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So I got the notice last week that half of the crew is going to be temporarily laid off. Business had been too slow I guess and they can't afford to pay all of us. Those who were with the company the longest got to stick around. 11 of us got the boot. They said they will start bringing people back in March but I have my worries. So needless to say, I am not sure what to do. Do I wait it out? Do I apply for another company? Ugg
Category: Roofing Post By: BENJAMIN BAILEY (Reno, NV), 02/09/2018

You‚re going to have to think how you‚ll earn a living now. If you‚ve got a savings, you may be able to wait it out. I‚d say get another job or forget about eating that stuff called food soon.

- DOROTHY M (Las Vegas, NV), 03/10/2018

I hope you have a savings. This happened with a few of our workers back in 2009. We had to let some of them go and while we wanted to bring them all back, at the time, we could not afford it. It can be months, to even years before a company becomes stable again.

- SHANNON BURKE (Roswell, GA), 04/04/2018

What a crappy way to start a new year. Have you talked with your family yet? I think you should have three plans set up and pick the best one.

- JAVIER PARK (Youngstown, OH), 05/23/2018

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